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Let's learn a bit more about the man behind the voice.

My name is Justin Straight and thanks for coming by to learn a bit more about what I do. Yes, I am a professional voice actor.  Yes, I am dashingly handsome 😉.  Besides that, I am a loving dog dad, a husband to an AMAZING wife (Pictured over there ➡), and an avid tabletop board game player.  My history with voice acting started with Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) and improv classes in college. Thanks to the amazing folks at Critical Role and Geek & Sundry I found the amazing world that is voice over and that a career could be made of it.  I decided to "Burn the ships" and throw everything I could into this career.  I studied with different folks throughout my years and finally quit my previous job and started pursuing this full-time. 

(Have I mentioned how awesome my wife is for supporting me while I pursue my passion?). 

Was there a struggle point in my life? Absolutely (still happens occasionally). But now I work as a voice actor every day and do my best to give my all to my client's needs and help them with everything I possibly can.  Sometimes with more than voiceover. (Audio Production, Editing, SFX, and more!)


 If you want to hire me, or just want to catch up and ask some questions, click the button below and let's connect.

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